5 Easy and Festive DIY Christmas Table Decoration Ideas

We’re willing to bet that some of your friends and family’s favorite holiday memories happened at the dinner table. with these Holiday decorating ideas, set a memorable Christmas table to serve your delicious food.

1. Garland Centerpiece

Dress up your table in holiday style with shiny candlestick holders that resemble baubles and bells.

Click for the complete tutorial

2. Simple napkin ideas

It’s the little touches that mean the most. This busy holiday season, take a few extra minutes to show your dinner guests how much they mean to you by setting a pretty table. Here are some cute and easy Christmas napkin ideas.


3. Fold a mini forest

Colorful papers, scissors and our creativitiy. Cut and fold a mini forest to decorate your table.

4.  Hanging greenery

Add a splash of greenery around the table to complete your table decor.


5.  Natural centrepieces

Fill a glass compote dish with fresh clementines, nuts, pine boughs, and candles for a display that smells as good as it looks.


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